Dear Parishioners,

Today is the Third Sunday of Easter! The Church, quoting Saint Athanasius, often refers to Easter Time as one “great Sunday.” Each Sunday of this season, indeed, every one of the Fifty Days of Easter Time celebrates the great event and mystery of the Resurrection of our Lord from the dead. This is every Sunday’s commemoration. Christians throughout the centuries in every part of the Church during this season have greeted one another with, “He is risen!” The response is, “He is risen, indeed!” This is a popular way to observe Paschaltide. All of us might consider ways to maintain a sense of Easter until the conclusion of Easter Time which is Pentecost. This might include reading again the Gospel

description of the Resurrection or the Acts of the Apostles which tells the story of the Apostles and the early Christian Community after the Resurrection. Another way might be to come to Mass during the week and encounter more frequently the Risen Lord in Holy Communion. Most of all, our thoughts and prayers, springing from our participation in Sunday Mass during Easter Time, should keep us focused on the Resurrection of Jesus among us and within us.

This Sunday is  May 1, 2022, we begin the Month of Mary. Mary, our Blessed Mother, is inseparable from the work of her divine Son. Our devotion to Mary leads to a greater love and fidelity to Jesus, his word and his way of life. I encourage you to pray the Holy Rosary with greater frequency during this month and to pray the Easter prayer of our Lady, the Regina Coeli, as part of your own prayers. You are most welcome to bring flowers to any of the shrines of our Blessed Mother in our Church during the month of May.

Next Week Father Jose will be  away for two weeks , there is no daily Masses,  the Masses will be celebrated only on  weekend, next weekend FATHER REEHAN a missionary priest will be with us. Please welcome Father Reehan and  listen to his message and please be very generous because our missionaries work with many people who are in great need. On May 14 & 15 FATHER DEOGRATIAS Chaplain of Lancaster General  will be with us to celebrate the masses.

Thank you so very much for all of your goodness and generosity to Saint Benedict the Abbot Parish with your Easter

offerings, donations for the Easter Flowers and to 2022

Diocesan Annual Campaign.

Happy Easter!

Father Jose Elías