Dear Parishioners,

All throughout these summer weeks the Sunday Gospel has directed our Christian lives in helping us to be more intentional and serious Christians. Often times today, Christians are defined by a rather lukewarm engagement of the Gospel rather than by its vigorous application. In the Gospel for this Sunday, the Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary time, we hear the Lord’s instruction not to store treasures for ourselves but to be rich in the sight of God. What does this mean? Does it mean something different than when first heard by the New Testament disciples? Essentially, it means one thing and the same thing as when first preached by our Lord. For a Christian, God and his way of life must be first and above all. In the end, nothing else matters. The Christian is to live with all things directed toward God for the praise of God and for the salvation of the world. How do we concretely make this expectation of Jesus the real fabric of our lives? Three things are needed: a knowledge of the Word of God, conscious participation in the Sacraments, especially Penance and the Eucharist, and regular prayer and reflection. God’s Word speaks to us of God and what he wants from us. He wants us, completely and totally. He will provide for us with his love and grace to turn to him constantly and follow him. The Sacraments—the real presence of Christ at work in our lives—allows the Word we hear to take flesh in us and to be holy as the Lord is holy. Daily prayer and reflection keep us steady and focused on the Lord’s instruction for us and in responding to his divine life at work in us. As Christians in this world we cannot afford to coast. In fact, the culture is not with us and even reduces our Christians lives if we allow it to infect us. All the more, we need to hear the Lord speak to us today. We must be about God and God alone— with the help of one another.

As you know  we have been announcing that we need to buy the HVAC Unit for the Parish center, the unit we have is an old unit that can no longer be fixed and we need to buy a new one, if we buy now the costs is $31,624.00 Please help us buy it. I also I would like to thank you those who already contributed for the unit.

 Remember Our parish festival is on August 5 & 6, 2022  please help us to organize with your prayers, you physical help  and financial support.  check your calendars to be here with us and PLEASE  extend the invitation to your friend, families and neighbors to our festival.  Please Continue supporting the 2022 Diocesan Annual campaign.  we still have a long way to go to reach the goal.

Thank you so very much for all of your goodness and generosity to Saint Benedict the Abbot Parish.

God bless you,

Father Jose Elías