Dear Parishioners,

This is the Fourth Sunday of Lent, Laetare Sunday! Yes, Lent continues. This Sunday marks the nearness of Easter and fills our hearts with rejoicing as soon we will celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord. The Gospel this Sunday (see John 9: 1-41) tells the familiar story of the encounter of the man born blind with the Lord Jesus. The blind man disparately wanted to see again and believed Jesus could restore his sight. The Lord not only opens the eyes of the blind man to see again but also opens his heart to faith, to believe in who Jesus is. Our greatest cause of spiritual blindness is our sin. Our sin keeps us from seeing clearly who Jesus is. As Lent continues this week—and with Easter so near—let us pray that we too can see again more fully our need for conversion and repentance. Jesus, with his mercy and love, especially with the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation, restores our spiritual sight. Please do not fail to make a good Confession this Lent, a most fitting way to prepare for Easter which is around the corner.

Monday, March 20, 2023, is the transferred Solemnity of Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Fourth Sunday of Lent displaces the observance of Saint Joseph on the 19th. Saint Joseph is the patron of the Universal Church and our intercessor for a happy death. On Monday, Saint Joseph’s Day this year, consider attending Holy Mass at 9:00 AM.

Thank you to all our parishioners and visitors for your goodness and generosity to St. Benedict Parish, especially for your attentiveness to 2023 Diocesan Annual Campaign our parish’s Obligation this year  is $18,446.00.

 God bless you,

Father Jose Elias


The 2023 Diocesan Annual Campaign, Together In Faith, Together In the Eucharist has begun. This campaign provides the vast majority of the financial resources needed to operate Diocesan ministries and programs, which in turn provide support for many parish level programs such as Catholic Education, Life and Dignity programming and Vocations. Go to https://www.hbgdioceserg/diocesan-annual-campaign/ view the 2022 Impact Report video. As in the past, previous donors will receive a letter from Bishop Gainer asking for your support of the 2023 campaign. Our parish’s obligation is $18,446.00. We ask that you prayerfully consider your gift for the upcoming year. Your donation allows the Diocese to continue to support meals to families and  scholarship funds offered to high school seniors seeking higher education. Your gift, no matter the size, truly makes a difference. To learn more about the Diocesan Annual Campaign, please visit you so much for all your goodness and generosity to our parish and the Annual   Diocesan  Campaign.

Prayers and blessings

Father Jose Elias