Dear Parishioners,

Today we observe Father’s Day. As Catholics, today is an occasion to pray for our fathers, living or dead, during the celebration of Holy Mass. The vocation of fatherhood deserves renewed attention and respect. More and more studies indicate the powerful influence of a father on his children, especially when it comes to living the Faith. For a variety of reasons, in more recent times fatherhood has been diminished. It needs to be relaunched with regard for its dignity and purpose in the family and in society. So today as we pray for our fathers, let us also encourage fathers in their role and support them in their vocation to lead their children to Christ. Happy Father’s Day to all fathers!

On June 25 at 7:00 P.M. there will be a bilingual mass in honor of all the living and deceased Fathers. In the Back of the church, you will find a white envelope where you can write the name of your father and put a voluntary donation if you can, if he is disease, you write a cross and if he is alive, you can put a heart or another symbol.

Today the second collection is for the reduction of the debt of the church please be generous. Thank you so very much for all of your goodness and generosity to our Parish in so many ways, and to the Annual Diocesan Campaign.

God bless you,

Father Jose Elias